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‘Even if we don’t browse the high street as we used to, with ShopOtley we can scroll on a screen as we have our coffee and support local shops at the same time.’

Tony Garwood 


Local Convenient 

We are committed to being:

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No herbicides, pesticides or funny business…

O’Fresh and ShopOtley now sell Meanwood Valley Urban Farm produce:

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm was established with the goal of reconnecting urban people with their food. It sells farm produce and run projects for schools. The learners are central to the smooth running and positive spirit of the Farm. It has a commitment to sustainable farm practice.

Protecting the Soil

The Farm does not use herbicides or pesticides. Wherever possible, Meanwood produce is used with no-tillage methods.

Protecting the Planet

The Farm is innovating with soil blocks for seedlings. This reduces plastic usage. Waste is kept to a minimum.

Protecting You

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is committed to high quality produce free of unnecessary additions.

To find out more about them visit their site: https://meanwoodfarm.shop/growing/